The Sissy Institute is THE place for sissybois, fembois, twinks, trans girls, cross dressers, sissyslaves, CIS straight men and CIS Women, etc., to learn how to be the femme person that you want to be.
The only requirement is desire, and if you have found this site and read this far chances are you have it.

We have something to offer for just about any aspiring sissy.

If you want to just put your toe in the water and see what the femme water feels like we can show you how.

If you are looking for total and complete transformation & sissification , we can provide the training.

If you want to be a femme sissy only on the weekend or special occasions, we can show you how.

The Sissy Institute...
will get you confident, sissified, feminized, sexualized and socialized so you are able to fully pleasure and satisfy the Men (and Women) out there that enjoy you and what you have to offer.
Tia Tizzianni


Makeup and DressingBois to Gurls

You will learn the finer points of being a woman, not just dressing like one. You wil learn how to walk in heels, what clothes to wear, how to do your, makeup and much more.


SocializingMake gurl friends

The Sissy Institute has an extended “social network”. Make gurl friends to chat with and learn from. Learn when to talk and when to listen.


Escorted ClubbingGot out and find men

This is probably our most popular request. The clubs in Chicago are HOT and we know where to go and what to do!


VideosExpose yourself

An integral part of the Sissy Institute is the production of adult videos. Do you want to learn about filming TRANS PORN? We have 20+ years experaince being an industry leader.

Complete Transformations
Private Events
Forced Feminzation
Years Providing Resources and Guidance


I am sissy

I like feeling, acting and being treated like a girl. The more femine I look the better I feel.


I am naughty

I like letting people I do not know use my body for their pleasure. The more dirty and humiliating the better for me.


I am motivated

I want to take this fantasy to the next level. I want men to desire me and women to envy me.


I am hungry

I never get full of having cocks and cum and other bodily fluids pumped into my holes. When I am being filled up I am always happy!

Are you a 1, 2, 3, 4 or all of the above?

Don't Delay, Apply Today

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